Free, easy-to-use yet extremely powerful text and code editor

NoteMaster highlights the programming language syntax. NoteMaster's syntax schemes are based on XML files, so it is easy to add your own programming language. NoteMaster already comes with syntax schemes for 12 popular programming languages (HTML, XML, C#, Java, C++, Visual Basic, NSIS, Perl, Python, PHP, LaTeX, Resources).

NoteMaster precedes a new line automatically with the correct number of tabs by recognizing the code structure. Turn on Pretty Listing to have NoteMaster format your code lines automatically; in XML and HTML documents NoteMaster will automatically close tags with the appropriate ending tag. If you activate the Fixup Case option, NoteMaster will correct the text case of entered keywords according to the syntax scheme.

Just press Ctrl+Space to bring up a list of all words in the current document, so you don't have to remember every word you've already typed.



NoteMaster Beta 1.3.4